How to Make a Landing Page that SELLS

Creating a landing page that sells is not as complicated as you may believe. However, it does entail more than just attractive design because covering the needs of your customers requires research and insight.

That’s why today I want to go through the process of creating a successful landing page so you can have the tools you need to create your own.

Keep in mind that landing pages that convert are made with unique readers in mind, specific products or services to offer, and a niche to reach. That’s why no landing page is the same and it’s tailored to the customers you’re trying to catch.

With that in mind, here are 5 essential elements to make a landing page that sells:

1. A Great Headline 🤗

Everything begins with the headline and it sets the tone for how much interest the visitor will have in learning what you’re offering. The headline must grab the attention of the reader, it should be short and it should tell visitors what your product or service is about. The headline usually accompanies an image that already explains the product or service, so you can use the copy efficiently.

2. Compelling Subheads 😎

If your headline grabs the attention of the visitor, the subheadlines are there to make people stay for more information. The subheadline is positioned under the headline and it must be persuasive. That means that it should go into more depth and detail, to continue where the headline left off. The subheadline is your chance to help reader learn more about what you’re doing, so make it worthwhile.

3. Images ☀️☀️☀️

Visual content is a must if you want your landing page to be successful. The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, so they have a bigger effect on the reader. The images you use should be large, attention-grabbing, high-quality, and relevant to the product or service.

4. An Explanation 🙌🏼 

Your landing page is the platform you use to explain your product or service clearly. If a potential customer is confused about what you’re selling, they won’t buy, so it’s vital that you can explain what you do or what you offer in a straightforward way. Your explanation can be either integrated with the headline or separate, but in any case it must be clear and benefit-oriented.

5. Something About Pain & Pleasure 😂🤣

When it comes to pain, we’re wired to avoid it and that’s why we constantly invest in products or services that can bring relief. Your landing page should make your visitors think of their pain, their issues, and how your product or service can help or bring pleasure so they are more likely to convert. Illustrate how what you’re selling isn’t only functional, but also meets an emotional need.

If you integrate these essential elements into the creation of your landing page, you’ll have something that will help you convert and sell right off the bat and set you on your way to success. 👍👍

I'm an professional Django/Python developer with huge experience in speed boosting startups. I am also a co-owner in two successful legal startups.

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